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My favourite new fascination is a sewbot (sewing robot). This remarkable innovation designs, cuts and sews garments at a great rate, 24 hours a day.

According to the Economist, fully automated tailoring is just round the corner. Looking across the room at our skilled machinists, I wonder emotionally if you could replace the nous in spotting faulty cloths or patterns, and as a fountain of gossip.

Also from the Economist, a new exciting process that produces leather without a cow, with all the natural characteristics. The advantage of the factory-grown leather is of course, that it is not cow shape and has no scars or bites; different thicknesses or types are also available.

This is very exciting for the animal rights lobby, but what will happen to the skin that clothed my beef...?

John Marks is a fashion house but it finds that our clients in the leisure industry are very conservative. I am not sure that the flexibility and skill we have can be met by a plastic cow. We have an open mind, but we prefer to keep our bodies

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