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The UK hospitality industry is 10% of the UK economy, so a vital part of all our lives. The hard BREXITEERS, UKIP and a mess of anti immigrant groups, seem to think that they can throw out all but true Brits and pull up the draw bridge. The fact remains that 25% of staff in the leisure industry are from the EC. Not only that, but it is 60,000 bodies short and are desperate for recruits: if you are not to strangle a vital industry we need a lot more immigrants not less!

The fact is that the idea of service, that is serving people in restaurants, does not seem to sit well with the English (not true of the rest of the British Isles). They regard it as demeaning and not real work. An Italian waiter takes pride in service and his profession, friendly and knowledgeable. The counter argument is that we should recruit young Englishmen and train them: unfortunately, many are not interested.

There is a degree of self interest here. John Marks is a major uniform supplier to the leisure sector and we would like a chance to dress the 60,000 missing bodies.

We, as part of the tourist industry, are highly privileged: we deal on a day to day basis with dynamic, progressive companies who set world standards. We find staff at all levels enthusiastic and a potpourri of the world. The writer whose second name is Methuselah is energised daily and at the end of a hard day the multinational bar staff at the Victoria Pub, fully revive me.

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