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The paucity of the world’s political debate is mind boggling depressing, instead of policy the mantra is find a meaningless phrase and repeat it on every available opportunity, but do not ask about policy.

“Make America great again” “Brexit means Brexit” “Strong and capable” “Govern for the many, not the few” “We want our country back”

We at John Marks must learn from this.

“John Marks is the greatest uniform manufacturer in the world”: I believe this is true but now I just repeat this again and again so it must be true, n’est pas?

We have some genuine fears about Brexit. We are an SME and export mainly to Europe. When it comes to our non EEC exports, the work is ridiculous, taking a clerk a whole day: having to produce multiple invoices, composition certificates, a visit to the London chamber of commerce to get an export certificate. We are terrified that if we are outside the customs union this will become the norm adding to our costs (and the costs of our customers), and hold up at the ports.

The problem is that most politicians have spent their lives in the Westminster bubble and have no concept of the real world. This is true of the UK but even more the European commission. We are a successful and proud British manufacturer and fear getting squashed by incompetent and ignorant bureaucrats.

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