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Despite our support for European integration we try to keep our blog away from politics and on subjects related to uniforms in the work place, but now with a clear conscience we will enter the fray.

The appearance of the gorgeous Ivanka on a public platform with two of my favourite women Merkle and Legard shows exactly why appearance is so important:

  • Ivanka beautifully coiffured with stylish dress and totally young and elegant, represents the non politician, representing another non politician in the Trump, her appearance is like her dads approach “I know nothing but I still make the headline.“

  • Angela on the other hand in her trademark suit, being the most powerful women in the world says “I am all business, plain and simple, don’t try to bullshit me.“

  • Next to her Christine, a symbol of french elegance again business like, but as a world hot shot says “I look good but I know what I am talking about.“

Now to the UK, over the years we have several times commented in Mrs Mays shoes particularly the kitten heels, she realised at the time that our press is trivial and would rather comment on a women’s appearance rather that of her ability. Now as the most popular politician in the land she has blossomed out as a real style icon doing a wonderful job as a symbol of British fashion and style, time will tell if the policy’s are as successful.

Jeremy Corbin who I have watched for years still dresses as he did in the old CND days “I am of the left the proletariat and Micheal Foot was my hero,” in today’s airbrushed world he will find it difficult to be taken seriously. Mind you, I prefer this look to the unmade bed Boris. I can not finish without commending our doughty Scot, she looks what she is, smart organised, managerial with a nice touch of femininity.

I must get back to my paymaster and remind you that John Marks is a leading expert on workplace dress and are happy to advise any aspiring politician.

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