That wonderful Hans Anderson tale 'The Emperor's New Clothes', where the king convinced his sycophantic subjects that he was wearing fine robes when in fact he was starkers, until a small boy blurted out the truth and shattered the illusion.

This is akin to the uniform business; over and over again John Marks sees uniforms in hotels and clubs that are extremely unflattering, doing nothing for the establishment or the staff.

The uniforms chosen on a whim, without a good concept and consideration and as a result lacking taste and style.

The shy employees or the colour blind say nothing, while the staff feel embarrassed, and the establishment makes a wrong impression.

Where is the little boy to say ‘stop, the king is not naked but worse - badly dressed’.

Let John Marks not only be that little boy but design and manufacture stylish uniforms that will result in the crowd exclaiming in one breath " Wonderful, Marvelous , Gorgeous, How smart, and so Inexpensive!".

As Mel Brooks said: ‘being King is great’

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