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The fitness industry has revolutionised the clothes people use for leisure. No more the old sweaty T-shirt and baggy track suit bottoms, now everything is designer led, with the great ideas Stella McCartney had for London Olympics.

WHAT ABOUT THE WORKERS? So work out clothes look great, stylish and sexy but for the people not working out but working in life can be very dull. The employees, who need uniforms in their work place are often stuck with drab, ill fitting, and badly made clothes.

JOIN THE JOHN MARKS REVOLUTION! We want to make Work In clothes more desirable and fashionable than their outdoor cousins.

Designed for purpose, trends-driven, well made and comfortable, even athletic, we want our client hotels and clubs to meet the aspirations of their staff and customers. The leisure industry needs to express a dynamic modern world, from receptionist to bar staff and back of house. Join us on our new website and feel your muscles start to ripple


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