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The debate amongst the male of the species of what to wear at work continues apace: Do you wear what you think reflects you personality or what you boss wants the clients to see? In the end, most of us work to make money, so if wearing a smart suit and tie hooks the client there is no discussion. We knew a salesman who covered the supermarkets in the coastal areas of Montpelier, it turns out many of these are in nudist areas, quel problème?, how can you look smart au natural? Not easy, but a large briefcase helps. This is not a market we have explored, cannot see the profit.

We, as uniform designers, are usually briefed by the employers so to a degree these reflect the company not the wearer. It is important to involve the staff however; they have got to feel comfortable and not resentful.

The writer has just received a copy of the MCC dress code. Some may regard this as stuffy, but we should have standards of dress: the world home of cricket sets standards for the way the game is played, so when we are entertaining supporters from around the world we should be prepared to be a bit smart, as any host should.

Now I am going to sound like an old fart but when I go out for supper in a nice restaurant I do not want to sit next to a guy in dirty shorts and flip flops. England has a reputation for smartness and style – let’s keep it that way.

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